Accordion Repair

A short Accordion repair demonstration video

Repairs for 2 row Button Accordions only

Typical Accordion Repairs

Tuning to Customers specifications - Wet, Dry, Swing etc

Change the key of your accordion

Bass conversions

Fit new reed valves, Leather or Plastic

Complete cleaning and rewaxing of all Reeds

Fit new high quality Italian Handmade Reeds on request

Keyboard repairs, set action to suit individual

Adjust spring tension or fit new springs

Fit new Buttons, range of colours and sizes available

New Plastic or Handmade keyboards for Hohner Double Ray’s and Pokerwork models

Re pad Treble and Bass valves with new felt and leather

Fix air leaks,

Fit new Bellows Gasket if necessary

Repair Bellows, Re tape Bellows, selection of different colours available

We can also order and fit new high quality Bellows if required

Repair celluloid cracks

Fit new Bellows straps

Fit new Shoulder Straps and Brackets

Feel free to contact me at for any information or advice you might need